throwing a puncj

throwing a puncj

May 30: Fitness Kickboxing – Level 1 Instructor’s Course

Presented By : Fitness Kickboxing Canada
Learn “Real” Boxing/Kickboxing punch and kick techniques as well as actual combinations designed by a Certified Competitive Boxing/Kickboxing Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. From the warm-up, hand wrapping, stance, footwork, boxing & kickboxing drills and combinations utilizing focus pads and partner training, abs routine and cool down stretches. This workshop is designed for the ultimate in authenticity and fitness ensuring a safe and efficient class or personal training session.

CEC’s: 4 canfitpro FIS/PTS
Contact: Kim Chase
Phone: (807) 285-4600
Location:  320 Bay St,  Thunder Bay, ON

Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Cost :
$179 + Applicable Tax Regular Fee (Received prior to course)
$199 + Applicable Tax Onsite Registrations

Take-home certification exam
You have the option to purchase $49.00, take-home certification exam to be eligible for certification. This is in addition to the cost of this course.
Register Here!
Course Code 15055

Are You A Mud Runner? Train For It Right.

pole pit

pole pit


If you are serious about doing the upcoming mud runs, and are registered for them – Old Ford Mud Run or the Dirty Girls Mud Run, then you need to think about training for it right.

At Chase Fitness we have a  program that can keep you on track, train injury free and reduce your injury risk on event day.  We will tone you up, strengthen you all over and increase your cardio so you can do the run with ease.

Think about it.  If you start a program on your own and think you have the expertise to guide yourself with proper form, know why you’re doing the exercises you’re doing and how your body’s going to respond to them, don’t do the exercises that will compromise your physical health and bio-mechanically program a results-oriented workout, then you are miles ahead of the rest!

If you don’t know all that, then you need to have some direction from professionals who can get you there.  You only have one body; take good care of it.  Otherwise, on race day you may be setting yourself up for an injury.  And that’s never a good thing.

With that in mind, we would like to invite you to join us for good kick-butt, results-oriented training with all your needs and safety in mind.

We have 3 packages for you to choose from.

1. Semi-Private Training (2-4 people) – this is very intimate where we get to know you very well and you work very closely with your trainer to maximize your strengths and results.  Starting right away (or as soon as you sign up), we will program specific workouts to gear you to mastering the mud runs.

3 month package 12 sessions/month – Special pricing only $450/month!

3 month package 8 sessions/month – Special pricing only $300/month!

2. Small Group Training – 6-8 people/group – this group will still give you great training, make no mistake about it!  It just won’t be as intimate where we have a larger number of people to train and program for.  For those of you that prefer a larger group to keep you competitive and motivated, then you’ll enjoy this one!

3 month package 13 sessions/month – Special price only $325/month!

3 month package 9 sessions/month – Special price only $225/month!

3. Large Group Training – up to 14 people/class setting.  This group training is more for the budget conscious and will give you all the kick-butt workouts you’ll need with the safety factor still involved.  You can pick from the existing schedule of classes and book around your varying schedule.  We have everything from Crossfit, Muffin Top Melter, G.I. Jane to Split-day Training. You will have a great variety of training modalities to choose from to ensure your success.

3 month package 13 sessions/month – Special pricing at only $124/month!

(Bring in Mud Run registration form to qualify for specials)


For a limited time only, we are offering semi-private personal training with a FREE consultation, and FREE assessment for a dramatically reduced rate! If you’ve been thinking about changing your life and your health, and haven’t known how or where to start; we will guide you to a healthy, rejuvenated life style that you wish […]

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Gym Memberships – Only $29.97/month!

Drop in and do a workout on your own.  Our open gym memberships allow you do do just that from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Mon – Fri and Saturday from 8:00 am – noon. Not sure what to do with a workout?  We’ll have a workout of the day on the board that you […]

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Why Do Most People Fail At New Year’s Resolution?


Are you one of those people that make New Year’s resolutions every year but never seem to get them done? Nothing works for you in succeeding; or you lose interest or think it’s hopeless after about 3 weeks or so? Well, you’re not alone. Only 1 in 10 people actually follow through with their resolutions […]

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12 Proven Weight Loss Tips


Looking for the best way to stay on track and get lasting weight loss results?  Here’s some great tips to get you going.  Stick to it, don’t stray too far and you’ll see results. NNB – 12 Research Supported Fat Loss Tips – PDF-1 copy

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Happy Hallowe’en From Chase Fitness & Staff!


On behalf of Hank and myself, and all my great staff, we wish you a safe Halloween weekend.  Have fun, enjoy the festivities and don’t drink and drive.

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YES!  We have opened up our gym to accept non-members for daytime workout  memberships. We have always been a “closed -private” studio where clients come in and get trained by their trainer.  Whether it is Group Personal Training, Personal Training or Semi-Private Training, we ensure our clients have always been coached and that has meant […]

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12 Natural, Safe And Most Effective Pain Relievers on the Planet!


These days society is over-dosed with pain relievers which adds huge amounts of stress to our body.  I’ve always preached that Mother Nature knows best.  We are designed to stay healthy and recover naturally through the foods we eat.  So instead of reaching for that bottle of Ibuprofen or prescription meds, try some of these […]

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2 Steps to Weight Loss & Fitness Success. What Are You Aiming at?

Zig Ziglar once said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” And each of us knows from our own experience that he is right. The general flow of human life tends to be toward ease and comfort. One day flows into the next, and many of us never quite get around […]

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