Our favorite transformation challenge is back again just in time for summer!   This challenge is an individual challenge this time.  We will give you the accountability that so  many people are looking for, and let me tell you, it gets results!

Summer is upon us very shortly and I know you’re thinking about how you’re going to look in your shorts and swim suits.  “Have I put on weight?”, “Are my shorts going to fit?”, “Am I going to look fat in my swim suit?”.  All these questions and concerns can play havoc on ones self-esteem and confidence.  After all, we all want to look good when we bare more skin.

Maybe it’s your energy level so you can keep up with your children or grand kids, or perhaps the shape of your body. You may want more strength for everyday life or build muscle to get a bigger mass. A big reason may be to get healthier by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Maybe you want to run your first half marathon!

Whatever your reason is, we can get you there.  By taking the first step, it shows us you have the will to change.  That’s powerful.  That’s half the battle!

Let us help you reach those goals this summer.  We want to guide you through a proven program that will change your life forever!  It’s not about just showing up and working out.  It’s about your views and mindset; and those are hard to tackle.  You’ve probably heard it before, “80% of your results is from food, 20% is from your workouts.”  True. But…did you know that 90% of it is mindset.

That’s right!  If you’re mind is not in the game, you will fail every time.

Here’s where we can make that difference in your results.  If you are serious about wanting to lose your weight forever and understand the methodology behind it so you can continue to succeed after this challenge, and not gain the weight back, then by making an appointment for a Free consult is your first step to a life long change.

With our experience and expertise, we can teach you how to be healthy and fit beyond the gym. Learn to take it home and become motivated to keep doing things that propel you in the right direction. Learn to eat the right foods as a lifestyle versus a fad, quick fix diet. Change becomes a lifestyle that must be repeated everyday to maintain results. Once you understand why you need these changes and how they affect your body and your health, it becomes much easier and accepting. Soon, there is no other way.


Space is Limited!

So we want to take our time and work with you closely to make sure you understand what is needed to make life-lasting changes. Its generally not the part of showing up to do the workouts, but rather the mindset of eating the good, healthy foods 90% of the time and maintaining that positive mindset.

I’ve seen a lot of people come out of a contest and go on a hiatus thinking they’ve “earned” the right to eat and drink badly because they’ve been ‘sooo’ good for the duration of the contest. This is what we don’t want you to think! You don’t work your butt off for 6 weeks or more just to throw it all down the toilet in one week.  So we’re going to spend some quality time with you and teach you how you can achieve and maintain your losses and help you to get your mind wrapped around the concept of “this is your lifestyle”. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some of the bad stuff on occasion, it’s just how you go about it.

Take a look at some of the people who’ve achieved results with Chase Fitness. These are just a few.  You be the judge.  This could be you!

Maxime Trottier

Max after1Max before








Sylvie Hauth

sylvie hauthIMG_6679










Crystal Belanger










Michelle Hurlbert

Michelle HurlbertIMG_6372










Shelly Marconi

Shelley MarconiShelly Marconi-after








 Space is Limited!

Here’s what you get in the SKJ Summer Slim Down Challenge:

  • 2-3 Semi-Private Training Workouts per week (depending on how serious you want to tackle your goals and which package you want to purchase)
  • Easy to follow nutrition plan
  • Fun and healthy recipes that fit your lifestyle
  • Coaching from our personal trainers to keep you accountable
  • $2000 grand prize!

Contest Details:

Transformation Dates:  April 27th – July 17th
Orientation:  April 25th at 11:00 am (about 1 hour long)
Registration Entry Fee: $99

Deadline to Register: April 24th.

There are only a limited number of spots for this program so I want to make sure you know whom this program is NOT for:

  • Those looking for the cheapest workout program in town
  • Those who already know how to get results
  • Those that don’t want to listen to advice that works
  • Those who are not serious about getting results and improving their emotional well-being

So if you’re NOT serious about losing weight and keeping it off forever then this contest is NOT for you. But if you are serious, and want to be more confident, feel more energized, lose unwanted pounds and be healthier, then we will be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can do that for you.


So if you are ready to take on a whole new challenge and really make a BIG difference in your life, then you’ve made the right decision to partake in the Skinny Jeans contest. Please call us at the studio to set up your risk free consultation.  807-285-4600 or email us at



Space is Limited!

“The only results that are unattainable are those that

you aren’t willing to do the work for.”


 Chase Fitness | 320 Bay St | Thunder Bay, ON | P7B 1S1 | 807-285-4600




Gym Memberships – Only $29.97/month!

personalTraining guyDrop in and do a workout on your own.  Our open gym memberships allow you do do just that from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Mon – Fri and Saturday from 8:00 am – noon.

Not sure what to do with a workout?  We’ll have a workout of the day on the board that you can follow if you need to. If you want that extra push and accountability, ask us about our training memberships complete with nutrition counseling.

We don’t use machines at our gym.  We utilize the body to deliver maximum results through its natural range of motion.  We have a fun array of toys in our playground from resistant bands, medicine balls, stability balls, free weights, tires, sled dogs, TRX, Equalizer rails, and kick bags.

Join us to meet your fitness needs!

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